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TB is a leading killer of PLHIV and new data points out increasing cases of TB in adolescents and YPLHIV. AY + with support from ARASA joined millions and thousands of activists across the globe in commemorating World TB day celebrations on the 24th March 2017.

In Kampala, Dar es salaam, Lusaka, Harare and Swaziland, thousands of low and higher learning institution’ students and youth and other cities across Africa hit the streets at 8am to raise awareness, influence policy makers and implementers to priotise TB in policy development and budget allocation to address TB more adequately not only in the cities but country wide and Africa at large.

The Youth led initiatives included flash mobs, Press conferences, Call to action statements and Bass band led matching across the cities.

As the events started and run concurrently in the five cities above, thousands of young people in Africa and beyond used social media platforms mainly Facebook and twitter to increase awareness for service uptake among young people especially YPLHIV to go for diagnosis, and adhere to the six months treatment and cure TB.

While handing over the YPLHIV TB call to action statement, youth argued their governments to consider latest innovative interventions but also provide more friendly TB medicines in hospitals to deal with TB. The Miss Young people living with HIV Uganda had this to say when asked why this year the youth are actively taking part in this year’s celebration;

“We as YPLHIV are going to forever take part in the global fight against TB and soon it will be history”.

All this was done under the Theme AFROYOUTH STEP UP FOR TB

The Eastern Region Y+ beauty pageant auditions took place at Aids Information Centre Jinja branch, on the 30th of August and the event gathered over 25 contestants from various districts of eastern region.

PATA and the African Young Positives Network (AY+) launched Peers to Zero (P2Z) at the Peer to Zero (P2Z) Youth Summit, which will took place from 27-30 June 2016, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. P2Z aims to improve access to treatment and care for adolescents living with HIV.

Kasibati, a S4 candidate, was followed by Mugera Swabri, 18, and Arugizibwe Michael, 20, and Birungi Maureen, 20, as first and second runners-up respectively.

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